Easy and worth it.

Little things go a long way. Here's a few small, powerful resolutions you can literally do today

1.) Use Unroll.Me to unsubscribe from any pesky email newsletters clogging up your inbox.

2.) Cancel any kind of monthly membership you don't absolutely love. Think Birchbox or Apple Music.

3.) Delete every app you don't frequently use off of your phone.

4.) Donate $50 to an awesome charity.

5.) Upload all your photos to your computer and set your text messages to automatically delete after 30 days. This way, you'll actually have room on your mobile.

6.) Throw out all the junk food leftover from the holidays.

7.) Read the first 100 pages of a new book.

8.) Create a budget for 2016.

9.) Conservatively invest in something you've never invested in before. 

10.) Unfollow all negative and annoying people you follow on social media outlets.

11.) Clean out your closet and donate everything you no longer love.

12.) Find a few things you no longer use often and list them on eBay.

13.) Reorganize your storage closets, garage, and/or kitchen cabinets.

14.) Endeavor to make the world a better place by staying positive and spreading happiness.