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ROK Espresso Maker

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This crafted-from-engine-grade-metal ROK Espresso Maker will make a mean cup of joe and dress up your kitchen nicely -- all while not using any electricity. It works pretty simply, all you have to do is press coffee grind into filter, pour in freshly boiled water and squeeze arms down for a rich double espresso. It allows you to choose any coffee you want and not be limited to whatever Keurig or Starbucks pod is available. It's fun to get adventurous and try some really unique stuff from all over the world. It might take a few minutes longer than a basic drip system or pod machine, but the final product is well worth the extra effort. And if you're only making coffee for one or two -- it really isn't too much of an additional hassle. Buy here.

Here's a video showcasing a hands on experience with the device. It truly is beautiful: