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We get it – prioritizing yourself is hard. But finding time throughout the day and the week for some self-care goes a long way in your day-to-day mood and overall happiness. Read on for five of our favorite methods in the ongoing quest for self-optimization.

Get Thee to an Infrared Sauna

Steam rooms are so pre-covid. If you haven’t experienced the power of the infrared sauna, there’s no better way to start the week fresh as heck than a Sunday afternoon session under the red lights. You’ll sweat even more than you would in your gym’s steam room, with several added benefits.

Chief among them are the benefits of chromotherapy, which depending on the color of the light (most infrared saunas allow you to toggle between), can positively affect circulation, digestion, breathing, metabolism, chronic pain, nervous tension, skin health, and, of course, mood.

Develop Sleep Routines

Those circadian rhythms hold more power over you than you realize; a reasonably achievable routine around sleeping contributes to a sense of stability. Studies show that a consistent bedtime (start with weeknights for now) makes it easier to fall asleep and improves your quality of sleep. Putting the phone away an hour before bedtime helps tremendously.

Try to regulate both sides of the spectrum and set an alarm that goes off at the same time every morning. A wise man once said that “no one ever accomplished anything by getting up after six.” That might be a bit extreme, but you’ll likely find that distraction-free time around sunrise to be your most productive.

Exercise for Extra Productivity

Now that you’ve got all this extra time in the morning, exercise should be priority number one. Your body burns more fat in the morning than in the evening, meaning that exercising early comes with healthy sides of boosted metabolism and productivity.

Whether it’s a group fitness class, a beautiful running route or a high-intensity session on the stationary bike, cardiovascular exercise before work will do wonders for a sense of well-being.

Supercharge Sex

Another wellness practice to consider is taking JOYMODE before sex. Their Sexual Performance Booster is like a pre-workout but for the bedroom. You take it anywhere from 45 minutes to five hours before sex and it acts as an all-natural Viagra, no prescription nessarary. It's packed with amino acids like L-Citrulline that increase blood flow and their formula was designed by two best-in-class biochemistry PhDs. Available here.

Don’t Forget Skincare

Aging sucks. But you can fight the visible effects, to an extent. If you’re not exfoliating, moisturizing, and/or targeting those bags under your eyes, you’re doing your future self a massive disservice.

There are thousands of products out there, but there’s no need to commit to the spendy stuff at first. As long as you start with figuring out what’s right for you and reasonable to commit to in your routine, you’re on your way to looking (and feeling) better.

Don’t Break the Chain

Jerry Seinfeld built his success on a simple mantra – don’t break the chain. All this means is that if you want to improve something, whether it’s learning a new language, exercising every day, or reading more books, you must commit yourself to daily progress, no matter how incremental. Sure, they say that 30 minutes of daily exercise is ideal, but getting outside and running for 10 minutes is better than nothing at all. That’s progress, and progress comes with the added benefit of self-fulfillment.

Once you’ve racked up several days of a new habit, ideally logged on a calendar or a phone app (we’re fond of the Habit app), you’ll see a chain of success that evolves into weeks. Your only job? Don’t break the chain.