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(Practically) Free Shaving Cream from Art of Shaving

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Looks great, smells great, works great. The Art of Shaving is the real deal and a personal favorite of mine when it comes to fighting off the 'ol five o' clock shadow. They make some of best creams, razors and other shaving tools around and they're doing a pretty cool promotion this Saturday, April 27th called "Shave Swap".

Basically, anyone can bring in their current run-of-the-mill shaving cream and exchange it for The Art of Shaving 2.5 oz. Lavender Shaving Cream tube, a $14 value. Once you try the stuff, you'll be hooked. The sandalwood version is my all-time favorite but the lavender variation is a close second. The event will be happening at Bloomingdale’s nationwide.