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10 Philosophies That Will Help You Be a Happier Person

Live well.

"Buying material objects to make yourself happy is like taping sandwiches all over your body because you're hungry."

It's easy for material objects to distract us from finding actual happiness. So what is happiness? How do we find it? And how important is it? 

Here are ten philosophies that might help you be a happier person:

1.) Morals First

Simply put – as soon as you decide to put morals first, the quality of your life will increase significantly. Do the right thing, keep your word, treat people how you want to be treated, and keep these things in mind each day. 

2.) Edit Your Life Frequently and Ruthlessly

Something isn't working any more? Cut it out. Your friend of many years is poisonous and holding you back? Consider the possibility it may be time to move on. Your lifestyle isn't so good and it's effecting your health? Consider a diet and fitness overhaul. Are these comforts worth it? Or are they doing more damage than good? This mindset is not a "one and done" situation. Evaluate these aspects of your life often and remove all roadblocks to clear a path to your best self. Outgrowing friendships is a completely natural part of life and doesn't make you a bad person. It can be the difference between a person who's making significant growth and an old friend who's just too set in their ways. 

3.) Understanding The Difference Between Ruthless Self Love and Weak Self Love 

Weak self love: "Have that cookie, it's okay, you can make up for it tomorrow."

Ruthless self love: "Don't eat this poison, I love myself too much to do this to myself." 

4.) When You Cheat on Your Own Rules, The Only Person You're Cheating is Yourself 

5.) Social Media Likes Do Not Equal Happiness

One needs to look no further than a reality TV stars desperate cries for attention to understand the difference between fame and happiness. People only share the highlights of their life on social media, nobody is sharing the difficulties they endured to get there. Don't worry about likes, don't read too much into digital lives, and just focus on living well and doing things that make you happy.

6.) Listen To Your Own Internal Advice

Whenever the inner dialect in your heads shouts out advice, it's right.

  • You should go to sleep.
  • You should get up early and work out.
  • You should bring a gift. 
  • You should call your parents.
  • You should say thank you. 
  • You should not have one more drink. 
  • You should not eat that. 
  • This is not worth fighting over 
  • You should not let this person back in your life. 

7.) What Are You Feeding Right Now? The Ego Or The Soul?

We all have tendencies to gravitate towards certain things. For some it's the beach, for others it's money, trouble, fame, and women. But most things in life that you chose to do fall into two categories: feeding your ego or feeding your soul. Know the difference and make adjustments if you need to. 

8.) Giving Back

Plenty of sufficient evidence shows us that being selfless feels way better than being selfish. No one ever regrets being charitable or kind.

9.) Ego is Your Enemy

A lot of people grow an inflated ego after accomplishing something big. But being right once doesn't mean you will always be right. Ego is often a natural reaction to success, but it also prevents self growth, ruins relationships, friendships and careers. When you notice your ego growing, do whatever you can to break it back down. Meditate, read, podcasts, nature – whatever works for you.  

10.) Understanding Luck

Recognize that luck is a real thing, but focus your energies on things that you can actually control.