Men's Wearhouse Teams With Esquire For Good Looks

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Men's Wearhouse might be known for suits that you swim in, but that's far from the case with their recent Esquire collaboration. It's a perfectly curated collection of crisp, clean and slim fit dress shirts with narrow and stylish ties. Think of it as a nice way to look like you walked out of a magazine spread without dropping some mega-bucks on designer labels and a personal stylist.






Though they're plenty of great looks, the navy woven tie with white stripes is especially handsome and looks nice against the classic white dress shirt. Pair those bad boys with a navy suit and a good pair of shoes and you'll look like the guy who is running the company instead of working for it. They've also got plenty of "buy one, get one free" deals going on, so you'll be getting a whole lot of style for your hard earned cash. Shop now.