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"Life hacks" are a funny thing. One glass of apple-vinegar-kombucha-probiotic-smoothie every hour on the hour? Pass. Sleeping next to an intricate mixture of exotic essential oils and crystals? Hmm. To help cut through the noise, we collected a few simple tips from our team that might just upgrade your day-to-day, massive lifestyle overhaul or costly equipment not required.

"Find a bar that you really like. Sit at the quiet end and get to know the bartender. Be polite and tip heavily. The next time you bring a date you’ll be greeted by name and asked if you want 'the usual.' Never fails to impress." – Jared Paul Stern

"Quickbooks Self-Employed has changed my life and our business in dramatic ways. Everything from automatic mileage tracking to receipt snaps makes tax season a breeze and their powerful suite of invoicing tools makes hunting down checks a thing of the past. If tedious number crunching isn't your idea of a good time, please, for the love of God, let them do the hard work for you. Their software and services free up significant time so you can work on your business goals and the things that matter most. For us, that's been growing the Galahad business, developing our email presence, increasing our video output and more." – Burke Doeren

"I write my full to-do list for tomorrow before leaving the office and signing off for the day, prioritizing in order. I think it's something everybody should be going. If you're anything like me, this will dramatically increase your productivity." – Ian MacDonald

"It sounds simple, but making my bed first thing every morning has changed my life. The small act of discipline carries over to every aspect of my day." – Keefe Dempsey

“I’ve never lost a pair of sunglasses. The second you put them down, put your car keys next to them. Unless you took an Uber. Never Uber wearing sunglasses.” – Sam Bullard

"Turn off every non-urgent notification on your phone. Group chat. Social media updates. Postmates promotions. Every single one of them is knocking you out of your flow state and preventing you from taking care of business." – Benjamin Cooper

"Running your own business has its challenges and rewards, but the one thing that makes it sustainable over years is balance. This means more than just scheduling and good time management, it also means having your work make vacations easier. We use travel credit cards for almost all our business expenses – like renting film equipment – so when it’s time to take a trip, our points help us visit cool places at a huge discount (and sometimes even for free). And we also use Quickbooks Self-Employed to help manage and categorize all those expenses as we go, so we can spot trends, reduce unnecessary expenses, and have everything prepared for our accountant when it comes time for tax season. A little practice at this and pretty soon you’ll actually enjoy buying more post-its for the office." – Burke Doeren

"I take an ice cold shower first thing in the morning, every morning. Not only does it wake you up like a foghorn but you simply feel unstoppable after drying off and dressing. It also helps fight against depression, keeps skin clean and healthy and strengthens immunity all while increasing testosterone, fertility, energy and willpower. Once you start, you'll make it a daily habit." – Jack Archer