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Why You Should Wake Up at 4:00 AM (According to a Navy Seal Commander)

“The shortcut is a lie,” says former SEAL Team Three Leader Jocko Willink. “The hack doesn’t get you there. There is no easy way. There is only discipline.”

After appearing on the Tim Ferriss Podcast, the masses were introduced to the most disciplined man in the world.

Jocko gets up every morning around 4:00 AM and starts a three-hour workout. He’s gotten past the insecurities that result in eating the wrong foods, not getting enough sleep and being generally weak at various point throughout the day by "hacking" life through mental toughness and discipline. 

In other words, he's a man amongst toddlers.

In this video, YouTuber Casey Neistat breaks down his own daily routine which mimics many aspects Willink teaches and then sits down with the man himself to discuss it all. Hit that play button and start taking notes.