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(It Really Is) The Greatest Sweatshirt Ever

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American Giant is the real deal. They're a SF-based apparel company making the absolute finest premium sweatshirts in the world---a fact that was well-put by Farhad Manjoo of Slate when he dropped this article stating it's the greatest hoodie ever made. He wasn't kidding.

Here's a step by step account of my first American Giant "experience".

1.) Open box, happy to see they've included a high quality American flag sticker. It's currently making my MacBook Pro look more patriotic.

2.) Notice and appreciate just how well-crafted the sweatshirt is. It's thick and feels like it could go through war.

3.) Start trying it on but am immediately concerned about about slim the sweatshirt collar is. It wasn't impossibly hard to slip over my head---but it wasn't nice and easy like most hoodies.

4.) The arms were also harder to slip through. The whole thing felt smaller than any other sweatshirt I've worn before. I was worried that they just have unusual sizing and I would need to exchange for a large when I normally wear a medium.

5.) Finally get the sweatshirt on. I feel warm and it fits like an expertly tailored dress shirt. It hugs my body perfectly and comfortably. It's slim in all the right places and I realize the reason it felt so foreign initially is that they just don't make sweatshirts like this typically. I wasn't used to a collar that hugs my neck like that or arms that are so slim throughout. This wasn't the wrong size---every sweatshirt I've worn before just was.

All in all, American Giant has made something really special and I HIGHLY recommend you try one for yourself. I'm curious about their other products and am excited to check out their tees next. They've got a really good thing going.