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Four letter words are getting a little tiresome, so consider delivering these old-timey Victorian-era swear words at your enemies instead, even if they sound like something Ned Flanders would say in a fit of rage.

1.) Beardsplitter

Definition: An impolite way to refer to your penis. 

2.) Lickfinger

Definition: Someone who sucks up to someone for positive attention.

3.) Gamahuche

Definition: A Victorian word for oral sex.

4.) Rantallion

Definition: One whose scrotum is longer than his penis.

5.) Rakefire

Definition: A chump who overstays their welcome and takes advantage of hospitality. 

6.) Mumblecrust

Definition: A toothless beggar.

7.) Smellfungus

Definition: A privileged traveler who wined about their life experiences. 

8.) Scobberlotcher

Definition: A lazy piece of crap who never words hard.

9.) Fustilarian

Definition: A guy who talks and talks and continually wastes your time.

10.) Fopdoodle

Definition: A dumb person constantly making poor choices.

11.) Arfarfan’arf

Definition: A lazy drunk.

12.) Bescumber

Definition: From the early 20th century, this means to throw poop upon.

13.) Bedswerver

Definition: Invented by William Shakespeare, this means a cheating, no-good jerk.

14.) Zounderkite

Definition: A complete idiot who constantly makes clumsy and awkward mistakes.

15.) Muntz-Watcher

Definition: A sneaky criminal or con-artist. A snake oil salesman. 

16.) Gong-Farmer

Definition: A toiler cleaner.

17.) Haymarket Hector

Definition: A pimp.

18.) Dirty Puzzle

Definition: Promiscuous women who get around.

19.) Snaggletooth

Definition: A low-class woman who broken teeth.

20.) Bagpipe

Definition: Oral sex.

21.) Monosyllable

Definition: A vagina.

22.) Bushelbubby

Definition: A woman with large breasts.