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8 Health Hacks for Looking and Feeling Better

It's your life – own it.

Here's a few health tips and tricks that will have you feeling good, looking better, and living larger. 

1.) Intermittent Fasting

It's not about starving yourself, it's about optimizing your digestive system. Do you know how Chris Pratt got into killer shape? Working out, eating right (not less) and intermittent fasting. To get the lowdown on intermittent fasting, read this article from our own Benjamin Hardy.

2. Keep Quick Protein On Hand

Always keep hard boiled eggs and green salsa in the fridge. It's a super fast and easy way to keep your protein up and have an easy, healthy meal on hand at all times.

3.) Keep Your Head Clear 

Meditate for ten minutes twice a day. There are plenty of good apps that make is super easy.

4.) Make a List

Make a long list of different exercises you can do in the gym and at home. Do eight from the list every day, no matter what. 

5.) Stress Your Body on an Empty Stomach

Try doing just one exercise every morning with no food in your stomach. You'll be amazed how much it not only wakes you up but puts your day on the right track.

6.) Sauna As Often As You Can

Sauna usage — perhaps at the Ethos Spa — is one of the only things humans can do that improves overall mortality rate. Try having a 15-minute sauna session every other day no matter what. In two weeks, you'll feel like a new person. 

7.) Charcoal Is Your Secret Weapon

Activated charcoal pills are amazing because toxins cling to them. If you take a few before you go out drinking, you'll reduce your hangover. They're also fantastic for helping your body process a splurge meal you regretfully devoured.

8.) Keep a Meal Plan

A meal plan is like having a clear map to reach your fitness goals. There are plenty of good options around the web (we like intermittent fasting mixed with paleo and a cheat day) but you have to find one that's most doable for you. Writing it out and keeping track of everything makes the habit so much easier.