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Halloween Costumes You Do NOT Want To Be This Year

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It's mid-October, so naturally, you're thinking about Halloween and trying to figure out what exactly you're going to wear to that social gathering you're obligated to attend. Here are a handful of red flag costumes you do NOT want to be in 2013...

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Waldo: Nothing wrong with Waldo, he's a cultural icon and looks awesome in stripes. The problem is, you'll see at least 17 other people dressed as him while out and about. Putting a sheet over your head and calling yourself a ghost is a more original costume than this.


Walter White or Jesse Pinkman from AMC's Breaking Bad: Great show, uncool costume. Almost every dude and their cousin is going to be dressed up like Heisenberg or in a yellow jumpsuit. Don't be a sheep, it's a choice that's too easy and too popular.


Miley Cyrus: Not a flattering look and not that funny. Plus, you'll be one of 87,458 other people doing the same thing come Halloween.

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Borat: Wasn't a good move in 2006, especially not one in 2013. Sadly, every year, you see at least one chump in this get-up.


Psy: This is the last guy you should want to be associating yourself with.


Great Gatsby Costume: Anything Gatsby related is too easy, too popular and not much of a costume. It's a lazy move.

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"Dick-in-a-Box" Guy: There's a 99.9% chance you're going to see at least one person thinking he can pull off this old SNL skit like he's Justin Timberlake himself.

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Don Draper from AMC's Mad Men: Wearing a suit and calling yourself Don Draper is one of the lamest thing you can do this year, especially if your handsomeness and charm is not anywhere near Jon Hamm's level.


Flynn White from AMC's Breaking Bad: Breakfast jokes are getting a little played out.

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Snake Charmer: Uh, please, for the love of all things Halloween, don't be that guy this year.