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10 Date Nights That Blow Dinner And A Movie Out Of The Water

She deserves more.
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Don't be the chump who doesn't know what to do besides "watch Netflix" whenever a beautiful thing wants to hang. Here's a few smart and easy date moves that are more cavalier and cool than predictable and lame.

1. ) Dinner And A Movie...With A Twist

There are plenty of alternative movie spots around the globe that do the whole "seeing a film" thing in the most upgraded and fun way possible. In Los Angeles, you can't do any better than poolside cinema at the Mr. C Beverly Hills. Gourmet pop corn, classic movies, and lounge chairs with blankets add up for a little more intimacy and romance than your standard multiplex. Pro tip--grab dinner and drinks at their fantastic restaurant before the flick begins and ask for dessert to be brought to your poolside seats.

2.) Cocktail Making Class

Whether it's a Tinder sweetheart you're meeting for the first time or your long-term significant other, a cocktail class is like a cooking class but 10 times more fun. Double down on the idea with a shopping trip afterwards to load up on all you need to continue the party back at your place.

3.) Sports (But Followed By The Spa)

If you want to show off your athleticism and teach her a thing or two about one of your favorite hobbies, by all means--but try and pair with something relaxing, even if she's as sporty as they come. A few rounds of tennis followed by a shower and a trip to the spa is what everyone on the planet calls a good afternoon.

4.) Flea Market Adventuring

Searching for treasure at a flea market is not only always a good time, but it's an exceptionally great people watching activity. Just make sure you bring water and let her know to dress comfortably. 

4.) Rent A Classic Car For A Day

Not a solid first date move--and don't try to be deceptive--but renting a fun classic ride for a day and cruising around town is never a bad idea. Make pit stops for shopping and ice cream and she'll love every second of it.

5.) Staycation

Find a local resort a book a room for a night or two. Poolside hangs and ocean views is a combo that every woman in the world loves--plus it has activities and good eating spots built in.

6.) Upgrade Your Interior Design Together

Feeling a little lost with your own place? Bring an expert (your date) in to help you snag a few new pieces for a room in your home. Moving furniture and hanging new art on the wall can be extremely romantic with the right kind of music playing and a laid-back attitude.

7.) Get Out On The Water

You don't need to be a rap mogul or yacht owner to get out on the open seas. You can rent a small sailboat, duffy, or other kind of low-key ride for not much more than your average dinner. Bring some champagne for bonus points.

8.) A Beach Day...Done Right

Don't just head down to the beach without a plan. Make sure you find the least tourist-filled and quiet spot in your area and bring proper seating, towels, games, speaker, and great food and drink. Sneak some wine in for extra fun.

9.) Go Horseback Riding

Nothing says romance like horse riding through a beautiful area. You'll both be sore afterwards, so this is best paired with a low-key dinner at home as the post-game show.

10.) Canoe Day

Rent one of the old-timey wooden ones and spend a cooler afternoon out on the water. Follow it up with a picnic and maybe some photography for a romantic day straight out of a Nicolas Sparks novel.