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Five Great Watches Under $1,000

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There's going to be a time and place for Rolex and Audemars just might not be now. So for those whose pocket books aren't quite ready for the big leagues, here are five great options to occupy your wrist real estate.

Jack Spade recently entered the timepiece game with a dozen or so playful, well made, good looking watches. My general rule of thumb is to never wear a watch from a company that also makes clothes, but this is the one exception. The Clarkson Dual Time watch ($528) has got some major style points and a sporty look to it without looking too "Scuba Steve" a.k.a extremely dive-focused.

Miansai has been making some of the best men's bracelets and jewelry around. In fact, they're makers of some of the ONLY acceptable men's jewelry. They also just started producing watches with 30+ different styles and variations. It took me way too long to pick a favorite but I eventually landed on the M3 Black Leather/Black Rope ($365) model. It's on the sporty end and clearly nautical focused---but the dark styles mean you can dress up with it a little too.

I've been eying this watch from Mougin & Piquard ($425) that J.Crew carries in their men's stores for a few months now. It's just really beautiful, simple, classic, and quite frankly---everything a guy really needs from a timepiece.

I'm a huge fan of what Autodromo is doing with their racing inspired watches and even own one of their products myself. Their first mechanical watch ($875) is especially cool and features a clear backing so you can see exactly what you're paying for. If you're set on getting a mechanical watch (as opposed to quartz/battery powered like the others featured in this article) this is the best bang for your buck.

The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch ($875) is probably the lowest end of the higher end brands. It's battery powered unlike the other Tag Heuer offerings which is why the price is as low as it is. That said, it's still a superb looking watch. But with a rubber strap and the F1 influence---chances are you'll look silly wearing this with a suit.

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