Esquire Magazine and Trunk Club Partner Up For Fall Style

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If you're reading this site, there's a 110% chance you're familiar with Esquire. But Trunk Club? Maybe not. Here's the official description from the site that (obviously) does a very good job explaining what they're all about: "Trunk Club is a high-end, personalized-shopping service designed for busy men who want to look good but don’t have time to upgrade their wardrobes. Trunk Club is the first and only technology-powered shopping service that pairs each new member with his own personal stylist, who handpicks selections of men’s clothing based on the member’s preferences and lifestyle."


So with the deadly combination of Esquire’s editors in tandem with the Trunk Club team, they picked out a whole bunch of exclusive pieces from some of the biggest names in the game: AG Jeans, Billy Reid, Bespoken, Barbour, Gant Rugger, L.B.M. 1911, and Vince. Any dudes signing up for the collection will be able to build their own individual trunks from the selection or have their personal stylist pick what they think would work best with them.








It's a smart branding move for both companies and an interesting tactic as more and more print magazines try to combine e-commerce with their product. For more information, go here.