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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Engagement Ring

It’s the holiday season and as many as 40% of engagements will take place in the days leading up to Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day. If you’re one of the guys out there ready to take the plunge, then this is for you. Together with the experts at Ritani, online diamond brand, we’ve compiled a list of friendly reminders to avoid throughout what can be a hectic process.

Going rogue

Take it from us, unless you’re so in tune with her style that you could execute a finely-curated Pinterest board that would pass as her best hours of pinning, do not attempt to buy this life-long investment without so much as a discussion. We can say with complete confidence, she has thought about this and has an idea of the kind of sparkler she hopes to sport on her left hand.

Buying from brand names

While famous jewelry brands may produce unique pieces, there is absolutely no reason to buy your diamond there. Not only are you potentially paying double the value, but their rocks can be lesser quality and offer a limited selection. If there’s an iconic style she’s after, enlist a Ritani designer to work on something custom together that delivers the same look, but with trusted quality at a fraction of the price.

Size over everything

If you think that bigger is better, think again. While you may want something sizable dangling of her hand, you absolutely need to consider all four Cs in your selection: color, cut, clarity and carat. We’ve seen all too often guys who disregard the beauty of a crystal-clear, bright white diamond or perfectly chiseled Emerald cut for something larger in size and end up regretting it. Take time to compare all the stone’s features and find one that delivers the right mix of all.

Trend-driven design

We live in an era where nearly everything is customizable. And while that’s a luxury with things like a sofa or almond milk latte, what’s popular now usually won’t stand the test of time. If you’re designing a custom ring, consider how it will age and if the setting will pack the same punch twenty years from now. Find the right balance of subtle elements that deliver a contemporary look but won’t scream the year like looking back at a sharp marquee cut gold ring does now (we see you 1980s).

Going into it with an "upgrade" mentality

Sure, you’ve got a ways to go in your budding career and millions are in your future, but that doesn’t mean you should chintz out now because “one day you’ll upgrade.” This is not only about to become her most beloved accessory, but it’s a declaration of your love and financial investment to building a future together. Be sure to save responsibly and have a nice chunk of change set aside to buy the ring you both will be proud of.

We’ll part with some words of encouragement: you got this. And if confidence isn’t one of your greatest strengths, lean on the experts at Ritani to partner with you through the process. Not only do they offer the best money can buy, but they’re staffed with a team of passionate designers who will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Asking her girlfriends for help may be tempting, but one too many glasses of rosé one weekend and your big secret is as good as spilled....