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Enjoy Sex With Less Stress Thanks to This Startup

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California’s got almost 900 miles of coastline which happens to be littered with plenty of conveniently located docks and short piers, perfect for a quick escape for every time we’ve been cornered by a brutally awkward public pharmacy conversation or been forced to read through some sterile waiting room brochure preaching the same faux-concern about the latest men’s health scare. Our buddies at Hims are here to do more than just spare us the misery of that semi-regular winter swim in the Pacific – they’re here to de-mystify men’s wellness as a whole, making it easier to research and access the affordable essentials that we need the most. Both products and the crucial advice to back them are represented in equal supply on Hims, spanning the cornerstones of guy health (y’know, mental, physical, and sexual health), with stuff like premium grooming goods, smart skincare, vitamins for everyday preventative maintenance, and even supplements for the occasional false start in the bedroom. So it’s cool – you can close the incognito browser tabs and hang up on Rite-Aid – what you’re chasing could very well be just a click away.

And speaking of the bedroom, we’re kicking off a series of stories brought to you by Hims, starting with every guy’s favorite conversation: penile health. (Sorry, we’ll be debating 'Die-Hard-is-actually-a-Christmas-movie' in the next installment.) But seriously – ED is the sort of thing that actually affects over 40% of all guys, which is more than enough to justify a conversation that skips the bullshit in lieu of just the facts. Simply put, things don’t always work the way they should. And that’s ok. It just goes without saying that you’re definitely not alone if ED has ever caught you or your partner by surprise. Thankfully, as we mentioned earlier, Hims makes it easy and affordable to connect you with a doctor through their online platform who can prescribe products backed by science to help treat ED, like Sildenafil (that’s generic Viagra, to spare you the incog search tab), and give you guidance on its use. In short, Sildenafil is generally referred to as a 'PDE5 inhibitor,’ which increases the amount of nitric oxide in the body, working along with other substances to relax and open blood vessels, allowing blood to flow freely into the penis to create an erection firm enough for sex.

At its core, the cause of ED is pretty varied – and can be a lot more benign than you might realize. Anything from everyday stress, poor diet, and low activity levels, to a hormone imbalance, or even a side effect from other medications you might be taking can all be contributing factors. But the fact remains that when the moment strikes, if you’re not 100% sure that you’ll be able to perform, it’s worth repeating that ED can be manageable with the right preparation, giving you the confidence that you'll be ready when the time comes.

Best of all (besides the fact that it’s delivered direct to your door) is that it costs as little as five bucks to get started. So spare yourself the misery of your local pharmacy (or that long walk off a short pier) and click here to get started with Hims.