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Dictador 12 Year Old Rum

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Columbia is famed for a number of things but, perhaps, not the quality of its rum. This is something that won’t remain a secret for long with fantastic tipples like ther 12 year aged Dictador rum. For fans of this, predominantly Caribbean concoction, it may be the case that your tastes are yet to spread to Columbia but, I’m willing to venture, that the Dictador will be the one to change your tune. And there’s no doubting it has got a pretty awesome name.


This delightful drop is made entirely from the virgin honey of unrefined sugar cane which, as you may expect, makes it pretty sweet. As any seasoned Guinness drinker (such as myself) is only too aware, good things come to those who wait and this too is true of the Dictador rum which is aged for 12 years before it is deemed worthy of passing our lips. It ruminates in pre-used oak barrels for over decade just stewing in its own deliciousness and, as the barrels are pre-used, it means that the rum slowly blends with older rums which adds to the intensity and depth of flavour.


It boasts many flavours that you are likely to enjoy, such as coffee, cocoa and caramel so it’s probably best left to the sweet-toothed chaps out there but, safe to say, if you’re a fan of rums, the 12 Year Aged Dictador is definitely one to add to your drinks cabinet. Find it online at Spirited Wines.

This is a guest post authored by Leo Parker.