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Between Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble, you literally have an infinite bar full of girls on you at all times. If you're in the game, here's a few tips to help boost up your matches and overall dating experience. 

1.) Don't Over-Share

No one is on a dating app  to read a novel. Maintain a bit of mystery and class by not telling your entire life story to the internet. Mix few things that are personally important to you with a few things that you and your potential date might have in common: travel, art, dining, cultural interests, that kind of stuff. Ultimately, you want to share just enough to get the conversation started and nothing more.

2.)  Always Be A Gentleman When Sending Messages Back And Forth

Simply put – use proper grammar and don't be too eager. The number one biggest turnoff for women is desperation. It gives off the impression of drowning – you know – the total opposite of keeping your cool. 

3.) Keep Your Shirt On

The number one complaint girls make about online dating is that guys post shirtless photos constantly. You have a six pack? That's great. The first time you sleep with someone new they will most likely appreciate it. Do you take photos of yourself in the bathroom mirror or in the gym? Please do us all a favor and delete them, you're making meeting new people more difficult for all of us. 

4.) Always pick up the bill on a date

There's a courtship and privilege of dating a beautiful woman. Pick up the tab or risk losing this opportunity to someone who will. The guy who goes halvsies on drinks probably isn't as successful with women as the guy who sneaks off to pay the bill in private. 

5.) Put In The Research

Research date spots near where you live and bookmark them in Google Maps. This way you have an arsenal of options and you don't end up standing on a corner for 20 minutes Googling places and losing your momentum.

6.) Try Not To Go On First Dates Anywhere That's Too Loud

You're trying to get to know each other, if you have to yell across a table, you failed. Furthermore. sitting opposite of each other at a table is quite normal, but sitting next to each other is ideal and provides more opportunity for physical contact. Making contact early (even while laughing) sets you up for it to not be so awkward when you go in for a kiss later. 

 7.) Go For The Kiss

Unless things went horrible, it's your responsibility to go for the kiss at the end of a first date. Making even a small move early establishes your potential position in this relationship. An unfortunate amount of guys end up in the friend zone by accident just by not following this simple rule.

8.) Don't Forget Common Sense Etiquette

Stand up every time she enters and leaves the room, dress like you're actually going on a date, hail her a cab, walk her home safely, hold doors, move chairs, help her with her jacket, be nice to the waiter, put your phone away, and kindly ask her if she would like another drink whenever she finishes one. Ask her to message you when she gets home to let you know she got home safely. It proves you care, shows what kind of person you are, and allows for you to communicate that you had a great time. 

9.) Care About Your Online Image

Prepare to be Googled like a prime suspect in a murder story, possibly before and after a first date, and by more than one person. Your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and everything else you post online is fair game, so keep your profiles clean, sharp, polite, and honest. They matter.

10.) Find a couple of spots where you are REALLY in your element

When you're incredibly comfortable, you tend to be your best self. Some people are most comfortable in a more bohemian environment with live jazz, others prefer dark, sexy, and more modern environments. Figure out your ideal spot, and may the odds be forever in your favor.