Forward: James Bond Stunts, The Bear Grylls School of Higher Learning + More


"Forward" points you to stories worth reading that weren't written by us.

Q&A with Bobby Holland Hanton: The only man to portray both James Bond and Bruce Wayne. Spolier: he's a stuntman. [Esquire]

Suit Up For Less: Less than $500 suits that look like $5,000 suits. [Valet]

Steve Jobs Yacht: The late legend and Phillipe Starck designed a giant boat together worthy of a party thrown by Puff Daddy. [Devour]

Three Things You're Doing Wrong At The Gym: Get more out of your workout with these tips from an Equinox trainer. [Details]

Bear Grylls Survival Academy: Something tells us you can probably learn a thing or two from this guy. Hopefully the class on drinking your own urine is optional. [Gallivant]

(Photo of Daniel Craig by Karen Ballard on location for the filming of Quantum of Solace)