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Meet the Best Hand Sanitizer on the Market Right Now

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Hand sanitizer has become an everyday carry staple over the last year, with most people settling for whatever they can get their hands on. We prefer to go a more elevated route, however, as we tend to do. And that's where FirstHand comes in.

Not only does their Gel Hand Sanitizer arrive in a trio of sleek bottles — one for your bag, one for your car, and one on standby — but it opts for 70% isopropyl alcohol to kill bacteria and viruses, which, unlike ethanol, won't dry out your skin. It's paired with vegetable glycerin and aloe vera extract, which hydrates and refreshes, along with witch hazel and rose water, which soothes irritation. The scent is also quite refreshing, ditching the "college party vodka" whiff most options settle with.