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This is the Ultimate Guide to Equestrian Style

From hotels to horses.

There's something about equestrian style which appeals to many men, a combination of our atavistic connection to horses, the snobbish appeal of polo and the cool utility of beautifully made saddlery. 

Ralph Lauren has built an empire on it with his keen appreciation of the aspirations equestrian pursuits awaken in us, while luxurious retreats like Montana's the Ranch at Rock Creek (above) allow us to immerse ourselves in cowboy dreams for a weekend, all without spilling our drink.

Leave it to luxury publisher teNeues to come out with the ultimate compendium to all things equestrian and stylish, from bespoke bootmakers to the world's best places to ride: The Equestrian World by Peter Clotten is now available for order on Amazon, and it makes a handsome addition to any coffee table or gent's library. 

Whether you're aiming to watch heiresses play polo, get in the saddle yourself, or simply acquire some equestrian accoutrements to give your apartment a rakish, sporting air, this is the guide you won't want to go without.