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American Express Launches #PassionProject

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The latest marketing vehicle from AmEx caught my attention, as it's all about people actively pursue their dreams. So whether you want to traverse one of the Wonders of the World or start that entrepreneurial journey you've always wanted to tackle, this new initiative can make it happen. The campaign features Charity:Water (one of my favorite charities in the world) CEO Scott Harrison as a sort-of advisor to everything, while AmEx selects 10 inspiring individuals each month, until the end of the year, to win $2K in funds to achieve whatever goal they are just dying to achieve. Airows has always been about lifestyle inspiration, so if you've obsessing over the idea of sky diving in the Swiss alps or deep sea fishing in the middle of the Pacific, they can make it happen. Head over to their dedicated YouTube page to get going---I've got a feeling you have a good chance of being selected.