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We've Officially Launched Our (Unique) Daily Mailing List--Subscribe!

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We're really proud to announce that we officially launched our mailing list this morning. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do so by clicking here or entering your email on the homepage.

It was long overdue and I think everyone who loves the site will also love the mailer.

We'll be shooting one to your inbox every morning, Monday-Friday, and it will feature an awesome quote, a few trending article links, a "Morning Jam" song to listen to, and an "Add To Cart" section featuring something we're coveting. The last two will be exclusive to the mailer.

We'll be looking hard at the data and seeing what you all like and don't like and are very open to any and all feedback. This will be a fluid project that should get better and better.

Our goal is to compliment your lifestyle wonderfully each morning, not add to the chore of inbox clearing. If you don't feel we do that, reach out, we'd love to hear feedback from you.