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A Simple Guide To Getting Out of Handcuffs

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For a man of mystery like yourself who is constantly in a state of danger, chances are you'll be handcuffed at one point and will need to make an intrepid escape. Here's a simple breakdown on what you need to do to get out alive.

1.) You'll need a bobby pin. Spies in movies always seem to have one on hand, so it might be good practice to keep one on you at all times. Suggestion: hidden on the inside of your cuff.

2.) Slide the rubber tips off the end and bend the bobby pin into a right angle.

3.) Stick the bobby pin into the thin part of the keyhole, press down and rotate the pin (inward towards your wrist---not necessarily clockwise or counter clockwise) in the slot.

4.) One you feel something lift up, the teeth of the cuffs will free up, allowing you to easily undo them.

That's it! If you're serious about learning how to do this like a pro, you should definitely look into purchasing a clear-cuff law enforcement training handcuff. It will allow you to see the inner-workings of everything, making practice much easier. The steps are easy---but the execution is what's really tricky.