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9 Tips For Jumpstarting Your Morning And Tripling Productivity

Own your AM.
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Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you make the most out of your mornings. 

These will increase your daily productivity, reduce stress, and allow you to dedicate your evenings to R&R.

1.) Get Up Earlier

Try not to sleep longer than 6 or 7 hours, your body doesn't always need it. The extra one to three hours you'll get each morning will allow you to start work earlier, get home earlier, and have more time to spend with your family and friends in the evening. If your job has a set-in-stone start/end time, you can use the extra time in the morning to watch a TV show on your DVR, read that book you can't put down, head to the gym, or catch up on the news. You'll feel more relaxed when your trip to the office finally comes.

2.) Be Strategic About Your Alarm Clock

Don't put your alarm clock on your bedside table if you lack the discipline to not hit "snooze" 45 times in a row. Your best bet is putting it on a dresser or table on the other side of the room. It will force you to get out of bed and by that point, your day has already started.

3.) Keep The iPhone Out Of The Bedroom

It's too tempting to start each morning with email, Facebook, and Instagram from bed. Before you know it---30 minutes has gone by and you're running late, have to skip coffee, and your whole day is turned upside down. Don't even glance at your phone until you're dressed. Your mornings will be better for it.

4.) Stretch It Out

It takes about two minutes each morning to stretch your body. The less tight you are, the most relaxed and comfortable you'll feel for the rest of the day.

5.) Cold Shower

We've been saying this forever. An ice cold shower has been scientifically proven to fight depression, make you happier, and wake you up like a foghorn. If you make one change to your morning routine each AM, make it this.

6.) Set Goals Each Morning

Set your goals each AM so you always have something to strive for during the day. It doesn't need to be hugely ambitious stuff, most of the time simple things like writing a love note to your significant other or getting your car washed are easier and more fulfilling. The perfect time to do this is while showering.

7.) Rush Yourself On Purpose

Nobody likes the pressure of feeling rushed, but there's no doubt you have the ability to get ready impossibly fast if you're forced. Challenge yourself---like give yourself only 5 minutes to shave, shower, and get dressed---and you'll see how much time you can save each AM. The jolt of moving quickly wakes your brain, too.

8.) Get Dressed Immediately

The longer you linger in your pajamas, the slower your day will start. Jump in the shower right after stretching and get dressed immediately after. It will make you feel significantly more motivated to go and do stuff.

9.) Ditch The Coffee Shop

You'll be surprised how many people spend $5 and 25 minutes a day running into a Starbucks or other coffee shop each morning. Invest in a simple Keurig machine and you'll save both money and time while still having coffee that's (almost---basically) as good.