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9 Things Your Dad Actually Wants For Father's Day

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Get your old man something nice this year. Here are a few suggestions.

Ghurka Leather Folding Snap Tray: All men have a powerful urge to dump everything out of their pockets and onto the nearest table as soon as they get home. This beautiful leather snap tray will keep everything neat and organized when that unavoidably happens day after day.


Roberu Leather Compact Camera Strap: Chances are, your Dad has a digital camera he loves busting out on vacation and family gatherings. Up his cool-guy factor with this cow-hide camera strap.


Turk One-Piece Forged Iron Fry Pan: Handforged, uncoated iron fry pan with a flat hook handle. This is the kind of pan he'll actually want to cook in.


Metal Plier Office Stapler (Green): Add a little style to his office with this old-timey metal plier stapler.


Everyday Carry Brass Compass: Because there's no way he'd ever be caught dead busting out the "Compass" app on his iPhone. This is virtually-indestructible, waterproof, and looks great on any set of keys.


Postalco Notebook: A man of your Dad's esteemed taste needs a good quality notebook to jot down whatever he needs to. Leave the cheap spiral pads to the 4th graders going school shopping.

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Jack Rudy's Small Batch Tonic: It's practically summertime, which means there is almost nothing better than a gin and tonic. This stuff is made of raw quinine, sugar, lemongrass and orange peel, while handcrafted in Charleston, SC.


Leather Toothpick Holder: Many Dad's like to go full-Ryan-Gosling-in-Drive with a toothpick, so why not get him a handmade leather holding case for 'em?

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Copper Flask: Handmade flask made of pure solid copper that is hot-tinned on the inside and comes with authentic American birch wood and cork stopper for an airtight seal. This is clearly the real deal.

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