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9 Things Women Look For Most In Potential Dates

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According to data spotted by DETAILS, these are the nine things women look for most in potential dates. So get those teeth bleached and try not to have your low-end Android phone with a cracked screen visible if you're looking to impress the hell of of her.

83% - Grammar: This is probably the most surprising one on the list. How you talk and the words you choose say so much about your education, personality, upbringing, and more.

78% - Confidence: Confidence is the key to succeeding in every aspect of life. But we hope you already knew that.

76% - Teeth: Bleaching your teeth regularly and keeping your teeth as pearly white as possible is the easiest way to level up your attractiveness. We've been saying that forever now, so hopefully this hard hitting data from an online dating site drives the point home further.

62% - Tattoos And Piercings: This means that they're either looking that you DON'T have them or looking that you DO. Some girls love them, others hate them. Just know that if you're going to get inked, it might be a deal breaker for certain women.

58% - Clothes: Clothes say so much about your personality and taste. Dress for success and never be the slouchiest dude in the room.

32% - Car: Whether you like it or not, a decent percentage of people look at material things as a sign of wealth and stability. If you don't have the cash to roll up in a Porsche 911 Targa, look into getting a Toyota Prius instead. Really really successful people, especially in Los Angeles, love driving a Prius to show off how modest and practical they are. It's the one low-end car that people can never judge you for owning. That said, you don't really want to date/be friends with/know anyone who will sincerely judge you based off your wheels, so just drive whatever you damn please.

28% - Jewelry/watch: A strong watch, especially one that isn't gold, 48mm, and has the words "Michael Kors" anywhere on it, is always going to show off good taste.

29% - Accent: Note to all international men of mystery reading this article---come to America and women will swoon at your every word. It will basically be like that scene in Love Actually. They LOVE guys with accents, especially Australian, British, French, and Italian.

27% - Electronic devices they carry: Phones have sadly become a status symbol, so that iPhone 3G from 2008 or dorky and small Android phone with The Matrix black and green computer code as your background will probably do more harm then good. It's silly and stupid, but important business generally needs an up-to-date and polished phone to get done.

All this said, just be yourself, be confidence, and be charming. The dates will come flooding in. If she really looks for and cares about what kind of car you drive or what sort of phone you use, she probably isn't worth your time anyways.