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9 Hacks To Stop Snoozing And Get Out Of Bed

Own the AM.
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Always having trouble getting out of bed each morning? Here's a few tips and tricks that'll make it a whole lot easier.

1.) Ditch The Blackout Shades

These things might help you get a deeper, darker sleep, but at the end of each night and into the morning, they make it really (really!) hard to get out of bed. Try to let a little light in, you might only sleep 97% as effectively, but you'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to rock 'n roll--not groggy and depressed.

2.) Buy An Alarm Clock App Designed By An Evil Genius

There are plenty of novelty style alarm apps out there, but your best bet is downloading Wake N Shake Alarm Clock. There's no snooze and it makes you relentlessly shake your iPhone before it turns off. Merciless.

3.) Put The Alarm In The Bathroom Or Other Room

On top of a crazy app, stop putting your phone or alarm on your bedside table and keep it in the bathroom or on the other side of the room. The hardest part of getting up is actually getting out of bed--this easily solves that.

4.) Plan Your Morning Routine The Night Before

A quick mental checklist of what you're going got wear in the AM and exactly what you're going to have for breakfast takes the decision making and stress out of your more tired hours. It's easier to roll out of bed if you have a game plan.

5.) The Water Hack

About three cups of water right before bed isn't enough to make you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, but it's enough to make you need to go first thing in the morning.

6.) Start Your Bathroom Routine ASAP

Once up, reach for the toothbrush and other morning essentials and start moving. Once you're done with the shower you're practically running on 100. Bonus points if you use cold water.

7.) Invest In Good Coffee

Don't waste time and cash each morning waiting in line for mediocre coffee at Starbucks, invest in a top of the line coffee maker and  some premium coffee instead. Having a fresh cup of the good stuff practically ready and waiting for you each morning makes getting out of bed so much easier.

8.) Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To

Give yourself some extra time before rushing off to work each morning to do something that you enjoy. Whether that's reading, browsing your favorite sites, or catching up on ESPN highlights, having a little "me time" correlates your AM with good times. Incentivizing yourself can be powerful.

9.) If All Else Fails, Buy This

Because drastic times call for drastic measures.