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8 Incredible Vintage Watches That Could be Yours

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There are few things that will make a man feel more like a man than putting on a vintage watch. The quality, the test of time and the history all add up to something special. Here are a few favorites, all of which are currently for sale, with prices ranging from just over a grand to almost $20,000.


Omega Seamaster 300 "Big Triangle": Any watch issued to British Royal Navy divers in the mid 1960s and early '70s is gonna earn some massive cool points, but add the signature Seamaster style and a creamy patination---and you've got something you're gonna never want to take off. ($4,500)


Rolex GMT Master 1675 - 1966: Few watches are as handsome as a Rolex GMT Master with its signature "Pepsi" bezel. Originally, the red and blue rotating bezel and third GMT hand were developed for Pan-Am pilots in the 1950s traveling between timezones. It makes for a good look and the fantastic even patina on this particular model just adds to the coolness. ($7,000)


Omega Seamaster Professional Co-Axial: This has the classic Seamaster case, bracelet, and "wave" dial pattern James Bond first wore in Pierce Brosnan's best 007 film, Goldeneye. If it's a good enough for Bond, it's good enough for your wrist. ($2,850)


Heuer Autavia 1163 MH Chronograph: There are few timepieces that can compete in the looks department to a vintage Heuer Autavias. With a history in motorsports, this is an especially good look if you love racing as much as you love fine watches. ($4,200)


LeCoultre Master Mariner: Even though this watch is from the Mad Men-era, it look just as good in 2013. It's on the small side at only 33.5mm, so if you have bigger wrists, it's probably best to look elsewhere. ($1,650)


Tudor Snowflake Submariner: An all time favorite, the Tudor Snowflake Submariner in blue is just a gorgeous timepiece. Engineered by Rolex and fitted with third party movements, this classic, in some opinions, is a better look than an actual Rolex Submariner. ($5,300)


Wakmann Regate Yachting Chronograph: Really digging the orange nylon strap and all the colors popping on this bad boy. If you're seeing a clear resemblance to old school Breitling timepieces, that's because Wakmann was the US distributor for them from the 1940s to the 1970s. ($1,150)


Rolex 18K Day Date Italian Stella Dial: Rolex made a series of colored dials back in the '70's, and because of the extremely short production run, they've become a sincere collectable. Really love how nicely the green dial compliments the solid 18K yellow gold. It's a money look. ($23,000)