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8 Easy and Stylish Halloween Costumes

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With Halloween around the corner, most guys are trying to get through the holiday without spending $100 on an ill-fitting polyester costume that was made for 50 cents. You won't be "peakcocking" in any of these getups, but your natural charm and personality should bring plenty of attention, right? So, without further adieu, here are eight solid (not necessarily original) ideas that are easy to put together and even easier to pull off.

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Your Best Tuxedo + Nerf Gun + Gold Spray Paint = James Bond With Golden Gun


Tan Safari Shirt + Brown Hat + Whip + Broken-In Chinos = Indiana Jones

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Bayside High School Tee Shirt + Light Wash Jeans + Vintage Inspired Nike Sneakers = Zach Morris of Saved by the Bell


Plaid Shirt + Straw = Scarecrow

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Flight Jacket + Aviator Sunglasses = Maverick from Top Gun


SAMCRO Tee Shirt + Skull Rings + Black Jeans = Sons of Anarchy member


Black Mask + White Cowboy Hat + Texas Ranger Badge + Dark Red Bandanna = The Lone Ranger

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Brown Leather Jacket + Captain America Shield Tee + White Athletic Tape Wrapped Around Knuckles + Dark Jeans + Brown Boots = Off-Duty Captain America