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7 TED Talks That Will Make You A Better Human Being


Want to be superhuman? The easiest way might be digesting these TED talks like a mad man. 

1.) Benjamin Wallace – The Price Of Happiness 

Hear what happens someone samples the world's most expensive products. 

2.) Isaac Mizrahi – On Fashion And Creativity 

How daily inspo affects living a happy, creative life. 

3). Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Inspirational leadership at its finest. 

4.) Dan Buettner – How To Live To Be 100+

Nine diet and lifestyle habits to help you live longer should be an automatic peep. 

5.) Tim Ferriss – Smash Fear, Learn Anything

Hear how any skill is attainable with Tim's infectious  "what's the worst that could happen?" mindset. 

6.) Dan Pink – The Puzzle Of Motivation 

Have you ever wondered how motivation works? 

7.) Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Stimulating talk breaking down how power posing affects our testosterone and chances for success.