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7 Small Things You Can Do That Will Make Your Significant Other Smile

A few nice thoughts for your favorite person.

Here's a few simple things us clueless dudes can do that will put a smile on her face. Whether she's your long-term girlfriend or your lovely wife, chances are, she'll love each and every one of these.

1.) Put a hand-written note on her windshield in the morning. A simple compliment will go a long way. Bonus points if it's on stationary and not a post-it note.

2.) Pick up a handful of her favorite magazines at the grocery store. Most everyone loves browsing through fresh new magazines, but it's a splurge that never feels right when grocery shopping for yourself. Grab a few good ones like Vogue and Vanity Fair and maybe even throw in a gossip mag like US Weekly. She'll love it.

3.) Send her flowers on YOUR birthday. A wise tip from an old A Continuous Lean knowledge drop. It's when she'll least expect it.

4.) Plan a date for her and her best friend. There are a handful of opportunities (say--when her favorite band is coming to town) where she'll (probably) have more fun with her BFF than with her BF. Buy 'em tickets, arrange a ride, and take care of dinner beforehand. You'll score serious points with her AND her most trusted confide. 

5.) Had to swap cars for the day for some reason? Take her ride to get washed and fill the tank up with gas. A small gesture that will go further than any run-of-the-mill gift you would pick up at a Nordstrom.

6.) Is she texting and emailing you about a wild and stressful day at work? Book a 7pm or 8pm couples massage at a local place that same night. There are plenty of different places to go in most areas, so no matter the size of your wallet, you can find one that falls into your budget.

7.) Surprise her with a secret dessert after eating dinner at home. She'll melt at the thought of her favorite gelato combined with her favorite TV show.