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50 Commandments For The Modern Gentleman

Live well and with purpose.
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Here's a few things to think about as a modern man. In a world filled with so much negativity and sour attitudes, it's important to be above it and live graciously, well, and with purpose. Lead photo from GQ's killer cover-story on Chris Pratt--a dude we think is living life the right way.

1.) Never stop listening.

2.) Always give your full attention.

3.) Say thank you and mean it.

4.) Never be too big to apologize.

5.) Pay well.

6.) Tip well.

7.) Give more than you receive.

8.) Value the time of others.

9.) Value your own time.

10.) Never spend more than you can afford.

11.) Avoid stupid debt.

12.) Always put your family first.

12.) Do what you love, not what makes the most money.

13.) Take pride in your appearance.

14.) Dress confidently.

15.) Never buy cheap shoes.

16.) Cherish and maintain friendships.

17.) Stay active.

18.) Sweat everyday.

19.) Avoid negatives.

20.) Play up positives.

21.) Treat women with the utmost respect.

22.) Always be an equal to your significant other.

23.) Never play games.

24.) Gift thoughtfully.

25.) Always write a card.

26.) Buy flowers often.

27.) Don't always say yes.

28.) Never be afraid to say no.

29.) Read everyday.

31.) Get dressed up often.

32.) Practice more than you play.

33.) Avoid lines.

34.) Treasure adventure.

35.)  Travel often.

36.) Fly first class if you can afford it.

37.) Sleep well.

38.) Never read the comments.

39.) Call your Mom.

40.) Write letters.

41.) Avoid swearing.

42.) Show up on time.

43.) Own a tuxedo.

44.) Take care of your team.

45.) Find hobbies.

46.) Drink responsibly. 

47.) Always be honest.

48.) Inspire others.

49.) Forgive mistakes.

50.) Love with all your heart.