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5 Positive Habits That Will Lift You Out Of A Midday Slump

That don't involve coffee.
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We've all been there. Whether it's 2pm, 4pm, or 10am, that midday slump where your energy is drying out and you're not nearly as focused and on the ball as you should be. Luckily, a few key things can help break you out of it completely.

Get The Annoying Work Done First Thing In The Morning 

That dreading feeling of time consuming and tedious work hanging over your head all day isn't the best feeling in the world. Avoid it all together by tackling the tasks you're least looking forward to first thing in the morning. Once they're out of the way, your attention can be spent working on more enjoyable projects and goals and your groove for the rest of the 9-5 will be much more relaxed.

Walk And Talk

Instead of falling asleep at your desk in the middle of a long conference call, move around and go for a walk.  Stacking a few phone calls you need to make during a midday 30 minute walk is a surefire way to kill two birds with one stone. You get a little bit of mild exercise, your creative juices will start to flow, and when you're back at the desk, you'll be 100 times more focused.


The gym session, pick-up basketball game, or 40 minute run during your lunch hour is one of the most severely underrated lifestyle moves a person can make it. Nothing will clear you head for the rest of the work day like doing that. 

Inspiration Folder 

If you're feeling tired and just want to go home, kick up your feet, and watch Netflix, try having an inspiration folder on your computer. Stuff it with work you find amazing and admire in your field, as it's almost impossible not to feel amped on creating good work after a trip through that. 

Ditch The Screens

Avoiding a computer screen for just a few minutes can help refocus and energize you completely. Try picking up a book (a real one - not a Kindle or iPad) and simply read a few pages. Now go back to whatever you're doing. It's incredibly freeing and relaxing to escape the digital world and your inbox, even if it's only for a few minutes.