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5 Easy Ways Any Guy Can Elevate Date Night Pasta

Impress her. She deserves it.

One of New York City’s hottest restaurants right now is Carbone, a high-end Italian-American destination that’s drawn praise from the harshest critics and is accustomed to frequent visits from A-list celebrities–think Jerry Seinfeld and Jay-Z. One night Clooney couldn’t even get a table

The name behind the sensation–Chef Mario Carbone–just opened a Carbone on the Las Vegas Strip at ARIA Resort & Casino, the only other spot in the U.S. to experience the restaurant. 

To celebrate the Sin City debut, Chef Carbone provided us his top five tips any man can use to easily elevate his generic date-night pasta into something truly impressive. 

1.) Buy Really High-Quality Pasta

"I would recommend Setaro. Good quality dried Italian pasta makes all the difference. Pasta is very simple, so you must invest in really good products to make it stand out. You can find these incredible pastas at specialty gourmet store or Italian shops–not your generic grocery store."

2.) Don’t Be Afraid To Salt The Water

"You must use an ABUNDANT of salt in the boiling water. The water should taste like you just dipped your head in the ocean."

3.) Dress The Pasta With High-Quality Olive Oil

"Once the noodles are cooked, you will want to dress the pasta in the pan with a very nice olive oil, just like you would dress a salad. Do not use an olive oil you would cook with. The overarching theme here is buy really good products. You are making something very simple. So, how do you make it great? Use great ingredients. "

4.) Don't Following The Cooking Rules On The Bag

"You have to pull the pasta out of the water one minute less than what the bag tells you and finish cooking the pasta the remainder of that minute in the sauce of your choice. This allows the pasta to absorb the flavors and to be sauced consistently throughout the dish. Never just ladle the sauce on top of the pasta." 

5.) Wine Is The Best Back-Up Plan

"Have a fantastic wine ready, so if you f**k up the pasta, no one will ever know. I suggest a big Tuscan red."