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40 Things Every Man Needs To Stop Doing


Here are a few things we noticed a lot of guys keep doing or thinking and should probably stop. 

Take it all with a grain of salt and remember that everything here isn't meant to be taken too seriously. It certainly doesn't apply to every single guy and we're most definitely guilty of a handful of these ourselves. Read through it, hold onto a thing or two, and hopefully be a better man because of it.

1.) Stop talking about how busy you are. Being busy doesn't equal success, it equals bad time management and/or poor career decisions. The man who works 30 hours a week and makes $150,000 per year is significantly wealthier than the man who works 90 hours a week and makes $225,000 per year.

2.) Stop answering unknown phone calls. They're usually telemarketers or a sleazy company trying to do business with you. It isn't worth the distraction and anything of actual importance will either repeat the call over and over (emergency) or shoot you an email you can quickly scan and determine if it's worth your time.

3.) Stop distracting yourself all day by having notifications on your phone. You don't need to feel a vibrate in your pocket every time someone leaves an Instagram comment. Get updates on your own terms.

4.) Stop chasing fashion trends. Look to brands that play it more down the middle, like Club Monaco, as inspiration. Avoid "fast fashion" chains like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21.

5.) Stop bragging about having a "vice." It isn't manly, it's having a negative impact on your life and health. 

6.) Stop blaming "not being a morning person" for not having the willpower to get up at a decent hour each day. Force yourself to do it a few days in a row and it will become a positive habit in no time.

7.) Stop aggressively speeding for a thrill or to impress your passenger. You're putting yourself and others at risk.

8.) Stop buying furniture from places where you have to assemble it yourself. It's usually the cheapest stuff that won't last longer than a year or two. Invest in nicer pieces slowly.

9.) Stop reading the comments section on websites. The negative energy of others doesn't deserve your attention.

10.) Stop hate-following people on social media. 

11.) Stop ignoring the "hide" function on Facebook. If your NewsFeed is full of worthless garbage and status updates from people you don't care about, that's on you.

12.) Stop avoiding a move if you hate where you live. Life is too short to not take chances.

13.) Stop listening to normal radio in the car, your time is too precious for the onslaught of local car dealership ads. Give Audiobooks, podcasts, and Spotify playlists a try.

14.) Stop DVR-ing the game. It's never the same.

15.) Stop looking down on people for liking nice things for the right reasons.

16.) Stop playing texting games with women. The ones that get off on that are not worth your time in the long run.

17.) Stop looking for excuses to get out of things. Just go, you'll be surprised by how fun some events and parties can be.

18.) Stop asking people something via text or email that is easy to find on Google.

19.) Stop talking about your diet and fitness. Let the results speak for themselves.

20.) Stop bringing women cheap flowers. Invest a few more bucks in something that isn't wrapped in plastic with a grocery store sticker on it.

21.) Stop wearing cologne to the gym.

22.) Stop sporting huge tie knots. It isn't a "power knot," it's a bad look.

23.) Stop fist pounding people. You're a grown man.

24.) Stop blaming the refs after your team loses. Own up and be respectful.

25.) Stop adding an explanation to your apologies.

26.) Stop worrying about being underdressed. Just reach for your suit if you're not sure.

27.) Stop telling a woman she needs to smile.

28.) Stop buying a woman a drink with the assumption that she owes you her attention because of it.

29.) Stop watching a TV show you don't absolutely love. There is too much good media to consume anything that isn't great.

30.) Stop worrying about finding friends to see a movie with. Going to the movies alone can be tranquil and relaxing.

31.) Stop expecting to "get some" after a date.

32.) Stop wasting time looking for a parking space. Valet is almost always worth it.

33.) Stop judging books you haven't read, albums you haven't listened to, and movies you haven't seen.

34.) Stop buying uncomfortable clothes just because they look good. You might have to look a little harder, but there are plenty of styles from great brands that accomplish both.

35.) Stop begging a friend to "set you up" with someone else. It looks desperate.

36.) Stop making purchasing decisions based on what other people might think. If you like the car, jacket, or lamp--get it.

37.) Stop playing "freemium" games on your iPhone. They're designed to be stupid and addictive and there are plenty of other great games that are based on fun and not manipulation.

38.) Stop working at a job you don't adore. Life is too short to spend the majority of your time at a place that doesn't feel close to perfect.

39.) Stop making excuses not to travel.

40.) Stop driving with "just a buzz." Uber couldn't be easier.