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23 Surprisingly Helpful Life Tips

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Every once in a while the internet and Reddit will come across something that nobody knows or have thought about, but definitely should. Here's a few things you'll be glad you read....

-- When searching online for plane tickets, make sure to delete your cookies. Travel sites will actually RAISE prices if you visit multiple times.

-- If you're not 110% certain she'll say yes, it's WAY too soon to propose to your girlfriend.

-- Feel like you're going to puke? Hum something. It's almost impossible to vomit while humming.

-- The easiest way to sell a lie is by including an embarrassing something about yourself. If a story makes you look like an idiot, people won't doubt it.

-- Never ask how a job search is going, it's bad news until they tell you about good news.

-- Feeling super tired at work or in class? Like you might fall asleep? Hold your breathe. It gets blood pumping in your body and you'll feel twice as awake.

-- Press stop and then play twice on the remote to skip the DVD or Blu-Ray trailers and get straight to the start of the movie.

-- The easiest way to receive excellent costumer service is by wearing a shirt with a logo.

-- E.g. is used for examples, i.e. is used for clarifications.

-- Remember, the HR department is there to help the company, not you.

-- If you don't want to forget something the next morning, place them on your shoes.

-- Write "glass" or "do not stack" on all your packages and they'll take 10 times as much care with them.

-- If you have an extra cell phone, leave it fully charged and off in your glove department for emergencies. All phones can call out to 911, even if it has no SIM card.

-- When a woman talks to you about her problems, chances are, she wants you to sympathize, not give solutions.

-- Find a lost drivers license? Throw it in the mailbox and the mail person will deliver it to whatever address they have listed.

-- Always read the 3-star reviews. They tend to list both pros and cons.

-- If you're worried your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you, send flowers anonymously. If she doesn't bring them home or mention them, she probably is.

-- If a fire starts in your oven, quickly turn it off and shut the door. It will go out on its own.

-- In Europe, an airline is legally required by law to provide you with food and refreshments for free if your flight is delayed for more than 2 hours. You just have to ask.

-- If you have a splinter, put glue on it, let it dry, rip if off. Gets the splinter out almost every time.

-- The "C' button will clear all input in a calculator, but the "CE" button will only clear the last thing you did.

-- Don't tell them your car is under warranty until after they figure out what's wrong. Without warranty, they want to fix every little thing. With warranty, they want to fix the bare minimum.