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2014 Range Rover Sport

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The folks at Land Rover have just released the very first images of the 2014 Range Rover Sport and I'm absolutely loving it. Much of the buzz today has been pretty negative with people saying they prefer the iconic look of the previous model but I'm definitely not grouping myself with that choir. I really dig the look of the Evoque (the newer, smaller, less expensive little brother in the Range Rover family) and appreciate how its design sensibilities are rubbing off on everything Range Rover. The Evoque grew on me considerably after it was announced and I even tossed around the idea of purchasing one during its initial launch. After a test drive or two, I determined that the car was just too small for my stature (I'm 6'3) and I decided to wait for the inevitable Range Rover Sport upgrade before I pulled the trigger. Between that point and now, my patience ran thin and I ended up going with another ride all together but these newly released images are making me feel a little bit of buyer's regret...