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16 Things No Man Should Have In His Bachelor Pad

When you're out of college but not quite married yet, a man has to have a place worthy of calling home. Ditch the following and check out TRNK NYC for some interior design tips. Your bachelor pad will be good to go after that.

A Fish Tank: Unless you're a Bond villain and/or multimillionaire with a floor-to-ceiling shark tank in your home office, skip this look.

A Copy Of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition: Come on, man.

Silk Sheets: The "ladies" don't love the silk sheets. It's not sexy, just desperate.

Protein Powder On Display: Using this stuff is totally fine and acceptable, but leaving it out in your kitchen to further drive home how hard you hit the gym isn't. Keep it in your pantry.

The "Manly" Candle: Investing in a few quality candles is totally acceptable, but having a "bacon" or "movie theater popcorn" candle isn't.

The Light Up Bar Sign: Wasn't that cool in college, definitely not cool after college.

Empty Bottles Of Booze: Good for you, you bought a bottle of Patron and drank it. Now throw it out, it's not some kind of trophy or piece of decor to have out on display.

Black "Leather" Sofa: Nothing screams "the college years" more than a fake black leather sofa. It's a mistake a lot of guys make, but unfortunately, it looks both bad and cheap in about 95% of homes. You'll be better off with a brown, tan, or grey sofa, as it'll look more luxurious, be less harsh, and compliment the rest of the room better. If Restoration Hardware is out of your price range, try scooping a used one via Craigslist.

Unframed Wall Art: That Scarface poster hung up by push pins is just a terrible look, man. Get some actual art and take it to a place to get framed. It's worth every penny.

The Lava Lamp: If this mention helps just one man put away a lava lamp in 2014, the world will be a better place.

Axe Body Spray: In the commercials for Axe, the women run towards men who have it on. In real life, they do the opposite. Probably a good move to not have this casually laying out in your bathroom.

A Hookah On Display Like A Flower Arrangement: Your personal space isn't the right area for this kind of apparatus. It's trashy and for every girl that might be into it, ten are totally turned off by it.

Childish Snack Food: Just because you don't live with your Mom anymore, doesn't mean you should snag a bunch of snack food items you always wanted as a kid but weren't allowed to eat. So that means no Lucky Charms, Gushers, Fruit Roll Ups, and Lunchables laying around your kitchen.

A Wall Mounted TV With Exposed Wires: Nothing says "I have no idea how to do anything" or "couldn't afford to get the job done properly" like wall mounting your TV but having wires hang down exposed.

Massive Amounts Of Sports Gear: Sports are fantastic and pretty much the greatest thing ever, but just because you love the Giants and the 49ers doesn't mean you have to litter your personal space with posters, pennants, and other fandom.

Black Lights In Your Bedroom: You really think some girl is gonna be turned on when you make your bedroom look like a laser tag arena?