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12 Tips For The Perfect Night Of Sleep

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Every person on the planet wishes they could sleep better. Maybe a few of these tips will help you...

1.) Celery And Almond Butter Before Bed: You know those days when you sleep for like 10 hours and still wake up feeling terrible? That's mostly from low blood sugar. All-around-man-of-awesome Tim Ferriss suggests two sticks of celery with almond butter as a perfectly healthy snack to have before bed to drastically decrease morning fatigue. Been doing it for years---it works all the time but especially on nights where you have an earlier-than-normal dinner.

2.) Cold Shower Before Bed: The cold shower is the ultimate lifestyle game changer. In the morning, you can skip your coffee with one of these bad boys as it will make you up like a foghorn, but it's a smart move before bed too. Even though you'll immediately feel energized, after a few minutes of reading on your iPad or whatever you do before dosing off, that feeling will begin to die down and you'll feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in bed. There's some science behind this, but the easiest way to convince you is to simply say -- "it feels awesome, trust us and give it a try."

3.) Quick Workout Before Bed: You know those days where you just sleep amazingly? Feels like a lot of them are when you're just exhausted from physical activities---half marathon days, moving days, etc. You don't need to go that extreme every day, but doing some pushups in the bathroom before bed will give you that slightly-sore feeling that will help you sleep and relax better. Doing these right before you jump in the ice cold shower is a good way to brave the cold water too, as you'll have worked up a little sweat and see the shower as a relief.

4.) Keep Your Room Temperature Cold: Keep your room as cold as you can take it, around 65 degrees is usually the sweet spot, and try not bundle up with the heaviest pajamas before hitting the hay either. Every time you sleep in a room that's pretty cold, the better your sleep and the more awake you feel upon waking. If you don't want to rack up an expensive AC bill during the summer, having a high-powered (but as quiet as you can afford) fan right next your bed works too.

5.) Make Sure All Devices Are Turned To Silent: Even if it doesn't normally wake you up, having your iPad make a "someone just sent you an email" noise every time you get a newsletter at 3am can't help. It's annoying and so many people forget to do this before they hit they crash.

6.) Whatever You Do, Keep The TV Off: Some people love sleeping with the TV on because the noise gives them a feeling of safety and security while sleeping. Even if that's the case, you gotta try and break that habit. The flashing lights are totally messing with your night of rest.

7.) Keep You Alarm On The Other Side Of The Room: Probably the worst thing you can do is hit your snooze button six or seven times before dragging your lazy self out of bed. Keep it on the other side of the room so you're forced to get up and out from the sheets to turn it off.

8.) Keep Your Blinds Open: As long as there aren't any bright street lights directly outside your window or neighbors that can easily see through, try sleeping with your blinds open at night. Sure, blackout shades might put you in a deeper sleep, but they also make it almost impossible to get out of bed each morning. There's something so nice and refreshing about having your room slowly and naturally brighten as you wake up.

9.) Glass Of Ice On Bedside Table: Fill a glass to the rim with ice before you go to bed and put it on your bedside table, that way when you wake up, you have ice cold water waiting for you.

10.) Invest In A Quality Bed: If you're gonna spend around one third of your life laying in it, you might as well make it the best you possibly can. Buy the nicest bed, sheets, pillows and more that you can realistically afford without stretching your bank account uncomfortably. If you can't afford a top-of-the-line mattress, try and get a really nice mattress topper or two. Seriosuly, it's worth every single penny. Your bed should feel like a cloud.

11.) Clean Your Sheets All The Time: You know that awesome feeling of getting into bed with clean sheets? How great it feels and how you automatically feel more comfortable? Yeah, bachelor dude who hates doing laundry, you should really do that once a week. It's 110% worth it and doesn't take that much extra time. You'll sleep better because of it.

12.) Brush Your Teeth And Stretch: After you turn your alarm off, head to the bathroom and brush your teeth to take care of that morning breath. Splash some water on your face and do some light stretching, you'll automatically feel ten times as awake and happy.