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10 Tips For Making Your Home An Oasis Of Relaxation

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Your home should feel like your own personal paradise. You should feel comfortable, relaxed, and always at ease when lounging around your place. Here's a few tips to achieve that if it isn't the case already...

1.) Make sure you vacuum your carpet and/or Swiffer your hardwood floors every other day. It only takes about five to ten minutes for a small place, but it makes the biggest difference. Whether it's the vacuum lines or dirt and dust not sticking to the bottom of your feet, it's always easier to feel more relaxed when this is done.

2.) Keep the place as clean as you can, but have a professional cleaner come in as often as you can afford it---HomeJoy is like Uber but for house cleaning and is a great bargain. A spotless home is a relaxed one.

3.) Invest some cash and pick up something like a Sonos or Braven for your place and always have some light Pandora action going. Don't crank the volume, but some easy tunes from people like Tycho on low can change the whole vibe and mood of your entire place.

4.) Spend a few bucks to hire a professional (unless you're already pretty handy) to install dimmers in every room. Not having super bright lights on all the time can make a gigantic difference.

5.) Pick up a few dozen candles or so to have on hand at all times. You don't need to get crazy expensive brand names, just nice and simple ones with a wonderful smell. Burn one or two throughout the home when you're unwinding and it will set the mood just right.

6.) Turn off the TV when you're not actively watching it. The lights and the background noise will just disrupt your flow.

7.) Instead of buying a whole bunch of junky IKEA furniture at once, slowly build a collection of pretty good to excellent quality furniture. The difference in comfort will be game changing and they'll last significantly longer.

8.) Get a nice pair of slippers for lounging around. This one is pretty obvious, but too many people forget how nice this if you've gone a few years without 'em.

9.) Keep your computer and work stuff out of reach and out of sight when you're trying to unwind and relax. Just having bills that need to be paid on your counter and that Excel spreadsheet open on your laptop with company mumbo jumbo will totally bring down the mood.

10.) Be as active as your schedule can allow and try to hit the gym or go on a run every day. A sore and tired body makes watching Netflix, reading your favorite blogs, and catching up on Twitter that much more enjoyable. It feels earned. And when it feels earned? You can finally relax.