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10 Tips For Finding Career Happiness And Success

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No matter how far you’ve come in your professional life, there is always room for additional success. Not necessarily monetary or "corporate ladder" success, but success measured in your day to day happiness. Here's a few tips and tricks on how to better your lifestyle and career by putting happiness above all else.

1.) Are you counting down the days until the weekend every Monday morning? You're living life all wrong. The best kind of career is one where you look forward to the Monday morning grind because you've been away from the office for so long. These kind of gigs exist, it's just about positioning yourself correctly and discovering your passions.

2.) If you're dreading going into the office each day, simply find a new job. It may not be the easiest thing in the world right now, but it's possible and certainly worth trying. So many people get stuck in a job they hate and before they know it, they've been there for 30 years. You've got one life, don't waste it living subpar.

3.) Negotiating the opportunity to work from home is always a good move. This won't work for every career, but if you think there's even a remote possibility the higher-ups would say yes to this crazy idea, it's probably worth asking. Even offering a 10% salary cut to work remotely will certainly be worth it---as you'll spend less time commuting, less money on gas, and be able to spend more time around the house with your loved ones.

4.) If you're given the opportunity to work remotely, take advantage of it. Spend a week or two on a tropical island and enjoy the beach and warm weather when you're not on your resort patio getting stuff done. As long as you can keep up with your responsibilities, it doesn't matter where exactly you are. Traveling is always a good thing.

5.) Remember that money isn't everything. Time and happiness is everything. The guy who makes $100,000/year working 30 hours a week is significantly wealthier than the guy making $150,000/year working 80 hours a week.

6.) Don't wait until you're retired to relax. If you're feeling run down and exhausted from your career, it may be time to look at doing something else for a living.

7.) If your goal is to make $120,000+ a year, and the senior person in your department makes only makes $80,000/year, try and switch departments or look elsewhere for a new gig. Too many people get stuck at a job with a low ceiling and think it's magically going to be different for them. 98% of the time, it's the same.

8.) If you have a pretty nasty commute with a ton of frustrating rush hour traffic, try and see if you can come in earlier or later and leave earlier or later. Surprisingly, about 80% of bosses will be cool with it, so long as you make all major meetings and continue to do your job correctly.

9.) Become part of the team and part of the culture. If your company is having a company softball game, definitely get involved. If they're throwing a Christmas party, make sure you're there. The more friends you make at work and the more fun you have hanging with them, the more enjoyable your week will be. Don't always clock in, clock out, and get home as fast as you can.

10.) Being the hardest worker doesn't necessarily make you the most successful worker. Don't get those two confused, and don't stress yourself out by staying at the office for an extra five hours every work day. Focus on working efficiently, not "hard."