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Tomorrow, resist the urge to slap your snooze button 55 times and try getting up a little earlier than normal and do a few of these things to jumpstart your morning.

1.) Spend two minutes and get a great stretch in.

2.) Do 25 push-ups before you get in the shower, just to get your blood pumping.

3.) Speaking of showers, take one with ice cold water. It'll wake you up like a gallon of coffee never could and the pain you feel under the freezing water makes the incredible after-effect all the better.

4.) Take a few minutes to actually make your bed.

5.) Do a little yoga. If a class isn't realistic, there are plenty of apps that walk you though a quick routine. Even if it's just five minutes, you'll notice it will lead to some serious happiness.

6.) Take the time to make a delicious and healthy breakfast loaded with nothing but the good stuff. 

7.) Don't check email until you get to the office.

8.) Avoid any screens and read a few chapters of a good book while sipping morning coffee.

9.) Tell your signifiant other one thing they did yesterday that made you incredibly happy.

10.) Leave a little early so you don't need to stress on getting to work on time.