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10 Things People Should Stop Posting On Facebook Immediately

You're not #winning.

People you went to high school with love posting the following. Here's a few things we hope Facebook users cut out of their status updates ASAP.

1.) "Work hard, play harder!"

There is legitimately nothing more unoriginal than typing this.

2.) "Get at me!"

The "halla back" of 2015.

3.) "Sunglasses and Advil."

This doesn't make you look like Kanye West, it makes you look like an immature dude who drank too much last night.

4.) "Bros before hoes."

It's demeaning towards women and shows you think very little of your own significant other.

5.) "#winning"

This is like five years ago and there are people who STILL post this at the end of braggy status updates.

6.) "Today's office."

We're all for avoiding the cubicle life and working remotely, but be laid-back about it, not braggadocios. 

7.) "#firstworldproblem"

Complaining about something is almost always a bad move on social media. Doing so while adding this, when there are actual problems in the world, is probably not your best look.

8.) "I don't usually post things like this on Facebook..."

This is followed by something extremely offensive 98% of the time.

9.) "Sorry I'm not sorry."

We're not that impressed.

10.) “Just purged my Facebook, congrats to those who made it!”

We're hoping dozens of people unfriend everybody who posts this.