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10 Things No Man Should Ever Talk About


We're all guilty of talking about some of these things every once in a while, but as a general rule, it's probably best to avoid the following as often as you can. Your friends will thank you.

1.) Your Health: 

Lost some weight or fixed up your diet? Keep that stuff to yourself and let the results speak for themselves. It's all the more impressive.

2.) Your Money: 

Again, let things speak for themselves. Never talk about how much cash you have, how much you make, or how wealthy you currently are. People are smart enough to estimate based on your career and lifestyle choices.

3.) Your Political Views: 

It's awesome to have strong opinions about something, but when was the last time you were impressed with someone spitting out their political ideologies? It's definitely not the best way to make friends and have people like you right off the bat, though there is a time and place for it.

4.) Your Glory Days: 

Whether it's your high school football fourth place finish or that beauty pageant you almost won when you were 17, it's all kinda irrelevant now.

5.) Your Dream Last Night: 

Have you ever, in your entire life, been interested by a dream story that someone shared?

6.) Complaining About Your Significant Other: 

If they're terrible and you have so much to complain about, you should probably just break up with them.

7.) How Much You Hate Your Job: 

If you hate your job, and are always complaining about it, do everything you can to find a new job. It's pretty simple and life is far too short to be spending 40+ hours a week somewhere you hate.

8.) How Busy You Are: 

Busy doesn't equal success, and if your life is so busy, you should really find a way to prioritize better, reschedule, and rethink your current day-to-day. Too many people think because they're busy and/or stressed that they're successful, but life doesn't work like that and success is more than just money or a packed schedule.

9.) Back In My Day...: 

So your germination wasn't glued to an iPhone as a teenager? Wonderful. But times, technology, and culture are always changing, and one way shouldn't necessarily be better than another way.

10.) How Exclusive Something Is: 

You can recommended a good place to eat dinner or drink at, but you don't necessarily have to add how hard it is to get in somewhere, how you knew someone, or how special you are for being able to eat/drink at such an establishment or attend such ann event. It's...tacky.