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10 Easy Ways To Look and Feel Better Starting Today

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Us guys are always looking for shortcuts. An easier way to get from point A to B. Here are a few things that will make you look better, feel better and live better without making drastic changes to your current lifestyle.

1.) Kiehl's Facial Fuel - It’s a non-greasy, quickly absorbing, unscented formula that provides 24-hour moisture protection and won’t clog pores. Throw some on after you shave and before you go out and you’ll look significantly healthier while being less “blemishy” in photographs.

2.) Goodlife Tee Shirts- These tees have it all. Not too tight a fit. Not too loose a fit. Subtle. Super soft. Fairly priced. The best part though?  The arm fit can make even the skinniest of men look like they’ve been hitting the gym harder than usual.

3.) Kettlebell - A quick and easy way to get in a total body workout that builds strength and stability. We recommend watching this video to get a few pointers on what works best. Sometimes it’s a pain to get to the gym, so keep one of these in your backyard or garage for some convenient fitness.

4.) Some Sun - Having a little bit of a tan goes a long way. Not only do you get some natural Vitamin D, but you’ll look a lot sharper and healthier. Not talking about some tanning bed nonsense or Jersey Shore levels of ridiculousness, just suggesting some healthy exposure to the sun here and there. Basically - get active and get outdoors.

5.) MeUndies Boxer Briefs - MeUndies has magically created the best fitting, best looking, and most comfortable boxer briefs on the market. You’ll feel so much more relaxed with these on underneath.

6.) SmartWool No-Show Socks - Look like you’re going barefoot without the sweatiness, blisters and general inconvenience going barefoot normally brings. These super low cut socks fit snug while being completely invisible with shoes on -- AND this brand actually stays on your foot properly, unlike 99% of what else is on the market.

7.) Tweezers for Eyebrows- Nnot suggesting anything drastic, any sort of shaping or anything that’s going to steal your masculinity away - but you probably need to handle your eyebrows every once in a while. Cleaning up the stray hairs and such will make a much bigger impact than you think -- just PLEASE don't go overboard.

8.) Cold Showers - Forget coffee, taking a cold shower in the morning will wake you up like a foghorn and get your blood pumping like you just ran a few miles. It also helps fight against depression, keeps skin clean and healthy and strengthens immunity all while increasing testosterone, fertility, energy and well being.

9.) Teeth Whitening - Yeah, it’s a pain. Yeah, your teeth might be a little sensitive afterwards. But a solid smile goes a long way and nothing is worse than yellow-ish teeth.

10.) Red Wine - “Alcohol may be man’s best enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.” - Frank Sinatra. Try switching out cocktails and beer while out and about for some red wine instead. Despite the deliciousness a good microbrew or glass of scotch provides -- it’s really, really bad for you. Luckily, red wine isn’t. You’ll feel less full and bloated and see any stomach fat shrink after cutting out the unnecessary cocktails and brews.