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Even if you didn't win the gene pool lottery, here are a few tips and tricks that will make you more attractive to women, at least according to science.

It's a little ridiculous that they've spent so much time and money studying this kind of stuff, as just being a genuine and good person is really the most attractive trait a man can have, but it's still fascinating to see what they concluded.

1.) Grow out that facial scruff

According to this report, women dig the look of slightly grown out scruff a lot, and find it both "sexy" and "irresistible." Between goatee, beard, clean shaven, and mustache, this look won by a landslide.

2.) Ditch the Smile

According to this study, women find men who smile a whole lot as less attractive and see it as both feminine and submissive. Think of every red carpet photo you've ever seen – are the celebrities grinning from ear to ear while photographers snap away? Almost never.

3.) Get a Puppy

According to this study, the same man scored a phone number three times as often when he had his dog with him. 

4.) The Right Voice

This study shows that women prefer men with deeper voices. The catch? They don't like aggressive voices. So somewhere between George Clooney and Andre The Giant should do.

5.) Wear This Color

Red, according to our subconscious and various scientists, is the color of sex. 

6.) Add Value

This study shows that becoming a "valuable social partner" makes somebody more attractive. Whether that's financial, status, lifestyle, or something else – it all depends on the woman.

7.) Be a "bad boy"

Scientists say that due to animal magnetism, women have a "primitive, reflex-based attraction to their shameless, bold, openly expressed masculine instincts, unfettered by political correctness, shyness, or emotional vulnerability." 

8.) Talk slow

In this study, they discuss how slower speech and movements are sexier. 

9.) The Right Body

According to this study, women are scientifically more attracted to men with solid musculature on the upper body and a narrow and slim waist, as their mind sees that and registers testosterone, good health, and dominance.

10.) Read Airows

Hundreds if not thousands of doctors and top-level scientists have proven this to be factually correct.