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10 Cool Fitness Accessories That Will Make You Want To Hit The Gym Harder

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We're still in month one out of twelve in the new year, and last year you said this year. It doesn't matter if you go one day out of the week or all the days out of the week as long as you get yourself active. We're not doctors here at Airows, but being in shape is always a good lifestyle choice. Here's some things you can pick up to amplify your gym experience without bro-ing out like you're Meathead Rob Lowe.

1.) Tracksmith Apparel: At the gym it's hard to stand out without being "that guy". Upgrade your gym attire with anything from Tracksmith. Their bold collegiate-inspired design is sure to stand out quietly in the sea of old t-shirts and baggy baketball shorts. Our favorite is the Van Corlandt tank top. It's bold design will definitely give a unique splash of color in the otherwise bland gym.

2.) Earin Wireless Headphones: Headphones are too bulky and get nasty when you get sweaty, and wired earbuds get in the way of your range of motion and techniques. The solution? Wireless earbuds from JayBird. These sweatproof earbuds will stay out of your way during your weight training and will push you that extra mile on your run.

3.) Speedo Goggles: Swimming is a great full body exercise a lot of people overlook. Like running, swimming is also a good cardio and full body workout. Pickup a pair of speedo goggles to help you see through the water. We recommend the Speed Socket polarized goggles; Michael Phelps wore them.

4.) Hugger Mugger Memory Foam Yoga Mat: Here at Airows, we love hot yoga and calisthenics. What we don't love is using the gym's yoga mats. Half of the time they're uncomfortable, and you don' know if they've been disinfected recently. Pick up this mat from Hugger Mugger; it has memory foam so it'll have you feeling extra relaxed in that meditation post. Namaste.

5.) Square Bottle: Most water bottles are cylindrical. This one is rectangular. It won't roll away from you if you accidentally kick it. The design look great, and there are accessories like a filter and fruit infusers that'll make your bottle work overtime.

6.) Air Jordan Future Knit: Air Jordans aren't just for basketball anymore. Our favorite gym shoe right now is the Jordan Future Knit in cool grey and white. The sleek knit design and simple two tone color ways give a modern no-nonsense design that'll upgrade your gym outfit.

7.) GORUCK Gym Bag: Don't carry your gym gear in a plastic bag, but don't bring your sweaty gym gear home in your Hermes leather duffle either. Like a linen suit for summer, and wool for winter, a sturdy canvas bag is the only way to go for the gym since leather doesn't do so well with sweat, and well, you can do better than a plastic bag. Toss it in the washing mashine if it gets too dirty.

8.) Verilux Rise and Shine: Sleep the night of an intense workout is just as important as the workout itself. Wake up gently with the Verilux Rise and Shine system which uses light to gradually wake you up. It's a whole lot better than waking up to BEEP BEEP BEEP.

9.) Adidas Weight Vest: You don't have to be a SEAL or a Ranger to work out like one. Adding a weighted vest kicks the difficulty up a notch. Are you up for it? They come in weights ranging from 25 lbs to 150 lbs. Put on some weight to lose some.

10.) Fitbit Surge: Keep track of your fitness regimen with this stylish sport oriented smart watch. It'll track you via GPS, check your heart rate, calories and a whole lot of other neat things.