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These Two Things Will Insta-Upgrade Your Kitchen

No, you don't need a pricey remodel or fleet of brand new appliances to take your kitchen up a notch or two. If your culinary space is feeling a little stale and in need of an upgrade, consider this stylish dishrack and trash can from family-owned Japanese store Yamazaki.

On top of arranging your dishes for quick and easy drying and looking like it came out of the MoMA gift shop, this boldly designed rack features a simple steel tray for catching excess water, keeping your counters nice and dry at all times. The trash can is equally striking, featuring wood accents and an ingenious stopper ring to hide both the trash and bag from sight at all times.

Despite belonging inside a masterfully designed home, both items are priced extremely reasonably. The dish rack will set you back only $32 and the trash can only $45.